We are currently NOT taking any new nametag orders due to other projects & commitments. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ORDERS (under step 5) OR MAKE ANY PAYMENT TO US.


Apologies for any inconveniences caused. 

Fabric School Name Tags  


Ever have a problem of your child losing their school stuffs or getting your child's uniform mixed up?

We have the perfect solution for you.


Our fabric labels can be iron-on or sewn onto garments, bags, towels, blankets or pillowcases easily. 



Terms & Conditions

1. Ensure information entered in the order form is accurate

2. Min 6 pcs required for each size, name and color

3. All names will be embroider in CAPITAL LETTERS for optimal quality

4. Pre-payment is required (Bank Transfer payment details will be sent via confirmation email) for all order received

5. LabelsinMind will not be held responsible for mistakes made due to buyer's wrong input. If a mistake is spotted after order submission, kindly email us at embroidreams.sg@gmail.com to rectify it. However, rectification is only possible if the order has not been processed yet. 

6. Pls allow min 5 wkg days (exclude weekends & PH) for processing upon payment received date.

7. To place order, PLEASE GO TO STEP 5


Step 1 : Choose a size

Select a size based on the character length of the name (including spaces or symbols if any)


S1 - 7.5cm by 1.5cm 

Max 11 chars

$1 ea


S2 - 8cm by 1.5cm

Max 14 chars

$1.20 ea


S3 - 8.5cm by 1.5cm

Max 16 chars



For standard school uniforms, hand towel and other small items


M1 - 7.5cm by 2cm

Max 11 chars

$1.20 ea


M2 - 8cm by 2cm

Max 14 chars

$1.40 ea


M3 - 8.5cm by 2cm

Max 16 chars

$1.60 ea


For pre-school uniform, pillowcase, bolstercase and lunch bags.. etc


L1 - 8cm by 2.5cm

Max 9chars

$1.50 ea


L2 - 8.5cm by 2.5cm

Max 12chars

$1.70 ea


L3 - 9cm by 2.5cm 

Max 15chars


For school bags.. etc

Step 2 : Choose a base color

Not sure of which base color to choose? 

Check out some real samples under section Tips in choosing a base & thread color


Step 3 : Choose a thread color

ot sure of which thread color to choose? 

Check out some actual samples under section Tips in choosing a base & thread color below


Step 4 : Choose a font type

If you are purchasing for primary school name tags, pls indicate in the Remarks column of your order form. 

The correct font type will be applied accordingly. 


Step 5 : Place an order


Click on the hyperlink to place your order and a separate window with the order form will appear. 

Pls complete the order form thoroughly and accurately. 


Step 6 : Make payment (after receiving confirmation email)

Upon submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the total amount payable & banking details. 


To complete your order, 

(1) Make a bank transfer to OCBC 510-303217-001 (for other bank options, pls request via Remarks section in order form)

(2) Send us the CONFIRMED payment screenshot or transaction ID by responding back to our confirmation email


Upon receipt of both Order Form + Payment advice, we will contact you to advise an estimated duration to fulfill your order


PLEASE NOTE that orders will be processed based on first-come first-serve basis.


If you have any questions, do email us at embroidreams.sg@gmail.com or submit your enquiry via our Contact Us page


Thank you for shopping with Labels in Mind!

Tips in choosing a base & thread color

A light colored base with a dark colored thread is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  

If a dark colored base is preferred, the thread color should be of the lightest tone. 


Here are some examples (actual samples; defective or extras) :


JAVIER L - Yellow base + Blue thread color

CHARLOTTE SEOW - White base + Orange thread color

CALEB LIM / SYED RIFQI - White base + Dark blue thread color

ELLE C - Pink base + Tiffany Blue thread color

KAYLEIGH GILMOUR - White base + Hot pink thread color
ASHYRA AMANI / AMELIE BATRISYA - Yellow base + Red thread color
ZIYYAD AMZAR - Mustard base + Dark Blue thread color


NADYNE IMAN - Pink base + Dark Grey thread color

AUSHER WANG - Royal blue base + White thread color

MD AYDEEN HAMIZAN - Turquoise base + Dark Blue thread color

NUR JANNAH - Turquoise base + Hot Pink thread color

ABDURRAHMAN - Yellow base + Royal Green thread color
AHMAD KADZIM - Black base + Neon Orange thread color

EVANGELYN TU - White base + Neon Pink thread color

NADINE RANIIA - Royal blue base + Yellow thread color

NG JING XI - White base + Tiffany Blue thread color

JAVIER LOONG - Beige base + Orange thread color

GISELLE NEO - Beige base + Blue thread color

AUFA AZHAR - Royal blue base + Neon Yellow thread color

ADELE LIM - White base + Royal Green thread color

ALARIC LEE - Sky Blue base + Royal Green thread color

ADAM MUKHRIZ - White base + Red thread color


1. How long does it take to complete my order?

It will take up to 5 working days (exclude weekends & PH) to complete your order. However, during Nov/Dec period, it will take up to 5-7 working days instead due to the peak period. Working days exclude weekends and public holidays. 


2. What is minimum purchase of 6 name tags means?

This means that you need to purchase at least 6 names tags of the same name, color & size. 


3. What happens if min purchase is not met? 

We will contact you to do another payment top-up before proceeding with the order which may cause delay. 


4. What happen if I need to customize tag of a certain size?

Pls contact us directly via our Contact Us page. However, kindly note that such request may have a different requirement(s) or charge and could take longer to fulfill based on case to case basis. 


5. What should I do if I don't receive my tags after 7 wkg days?

Unfortunately if you have opted for normal mail, it cannot be tracked. However, if you have opted for Smartpac mail, we would have furnished you the tracking number which you can track via SingPost Track Items website. 



6. What should I do if my tags are not correctly made?

Firstly, check your submitted order form and confirmed that the name has been correctly filled. If yes, do get in touch with us (via Email or Contact us page) and we will re-do the tags for you at no additional cost. 


7. Is there any other specific colors or size that can be done? 

Pls contact us directly for such queries. 


8. Can I just iron-on my tags onto my uniform? 

Yes you can but we strongly recommend sewing the edges to secure the tag so that it can last longer / multiple washes. 


9. Can I iron-on the tags onto a towel or minky blanket?

The iron-on adhesive used on the tag works best for cotton, canvas material, or items with flat surface. Otherwise, we would recommend sewing the edges to secure it instead. Do note, applying heat on minky, any polyester or delicate material may melt the fabric and is strongly not recommended. 

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